AFC Energy (AFCEN) was founded in 2006 to apply modern design principles and manufacturing methods to the fuel cell commercialisation, focusing specifically on the alkaline fuel cell. A symbiosis exists between the Chlor-Alkali industry and the alkaline fuel cell, so this sector was selected as AFCEN’s initial target market. In 2006, an agreement was signed with AkzoNobel to develop Alkaline fuel cells for their Bitterfeld chlorine production site. In 2007 AFCEN made an initial public offering on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. “Alpha” prototype systems were deployed at AkzoNobel’s Bitterfeld site twice in 2009 utilising two generations of AFCEN’s catalyst technology. AFCEN has also built relationships in other industries (Air Products, Centrica, WSP Group, Waste2Tricity, B9 Coal and others) in order to exploit the greater market of energy generation through clean coal, waste to energy and underground coal gasification, by utilising the hydrogen produced from these processes to produce energy. To demonstrate its technology to these markets, AFC Energy deployed an “Alpha” system at Linc Energy’s Chinchilla site in 2010. A comprehensive review of the “Alpha” system indicates that a new type of substrate will provide great benefits in terms of cost, performance and power density.

AFCEN continues to develop both its fuel cell system and capabilities, investing in staff, equipment and facilities. AFC Energy employs more than 20 people in technical roles, has a test facility which can test more than 20 fuel cells and 1 “Alpha” system simultaneously, and has a technical staff, of whom more than 20% have higher degrees.
As coordinator, AFCEN will perform all coordination, management and administration for the project. AFCEN’s primary responsibility will be for stack design, and will oversee the validation and Quality Control of the main project outcomes.

The experience ACEN has acquired during more than four years of fuel cell development and its design?oriented
approach make the company an ideal partner to lead this project.

Coordinator: Dr Gene LEWIS PhD. Dr Lewis was awarded his PhD in 2002 from Imperial College. Dr Gene Lewis joined AFCEN in November 2008 as Chief Technical Officer, having previously worked at Ceres Power where he was
instrumental in the development of their solid oxide fuel cell technology. Gene’s leadership skills and his background in fuel cell material science and engineering have significantly strengthened the technical team. Gene has overseen AFC Energy’s technical programme since February 2009.

Scientific manager: James Austin. Mr Austin graduated with BEng Hons in mechanical Engineering from Oxford Brookes University in 2004. Before joining AFC Energy he work in the Hybrid vehicle sector as a design and mechanical engineer.

James is the longest standing member of the technical team at AFC Energy having joined at its inception in 2006. He has been a key to the development and deployment of the AFC Energy Fuel cell systems and is currently a Senior Project Engineer within the company.

Exploitation manager: Mr Ian WILLIAMSON.

Project Administrator: Mark BOLAND. Mr Boland graduated with LLB Hons in English and French law from the
University of Essex in 2002. Before joining AFC Energy, he worked in the International Grants & Incentives dept. of
Deloitte, Israel, working with clients on all aspects of European and nationally funded collaborative programmes.


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