The European Hydrogen Association is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 2000 by five national hydrogen organisations to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy vector in Europe. In 2004 major European industries active in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies joined the EHA and enforced this effort to create a commercial market for stationary and transport applications and a role as market leader for the European hydrogen and fuel cell sector. The EHA currently represents 21 national hydrogen and fuel cell organisations and the main European developers of hydrogen infrastructure. Its unique membership structure enables the EHA to maintain close connections with local developments and to communicate members’ industrial and regulatory concerns to key decision makers at the EU level. Since 2008, the EHA has hosted the European Association for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electromobility in European Regions, HyER (formerly HyRaMP) which represents over 35 regions active in clean electric power and vehicles deployment.

The EHA is managed by the Brussels office of FAST – the Italian Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations,
which was established in Established in 1897 as an independent non?profit association. It represents 34 national
scientific and technical associations with around 50.000 members from the industry, research and technology sector.

Over the years, FAST has acquired significant expertise in facilitating the establishment of new associations in emerging technology fields, that have become recognized points of reference in their sector. Recent examples include the Natural Gas Vehicles System Italy ( and the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, H2IT (

THE EHA will manage project ALKAMMONIA’s dissemination activities. The Partners are very fortunate to work an
organisation which has established such an impressive network of highly relevant industry and political decisionmakers, and which is so experienced in promoting the benefits hydrogen in Europe. EHA will exploit its presence at a  range of high?profile trade events and conferences to promote project ALKAMMONIA. There is a high?degree of Relevant experience

For 8 years FAST has managed the offices of the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association H2IT, which has 100
members including ENEL, ENI , Edison, Air Liquide, Linde and several of the Italian Regions.  In addition, from the past 5 years from its Brussels office, FAST has managing the office of the European Hydrogen Association, EHA, ( that under its management has grown from 5 national member associations to 21 national member associations. In total the EHA represents more than 300 private industries and 120 research institutions. FAST has been project partner for dissemination of the EU FP 6 HyApproval and the H2 Training project under the EU Leonardo programme. FAST and the EHA are currently collaborating in the dissemination 4 FCH JU projects, SHEL and HyLIFT DEMO, HyProfessionals and HyFACTS after completing the HyGuide project in 2011. FAST, in
collaboration with the EHA, since 4 years is managing the secretariat of the European Association for Hydrogen fuel
cells and electro?mobility in European Regions, HyER, (formerly HyRaMP) includes over 30 regions and municipalities.
Key personnel
Alberto Pieri, secretary general of FAST for over 20 years, has been involved in national and EU project management  for many years. Under his management FAST became one of the founders of the EU OPET network and an active member of Enterprise Europe Network (former IRC). As an economist he has ensured that FAST has become an appreciated partner in EU projects and that it obtained its ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Marieke Reijalt, responsible for energy and transport projects in FAST and executive director of the EHA, has worked in  the promotion and dissemination of the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier for almost 13 years. She was responsible for the establishment of the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association in 2003 and is managing the secretariat of HyER, Hydrogen, fuel cells and Electro?mobility in European Regions hosted by the EHA. She is coordinating the dissemination of the main FCH JU fuel cell vehicles (CHIC, High VLO?CITY) demo projects (Enefield) and supports the dissemination of EHA’s FCH JU projects in education (HyProfessionals and HyFacts) and early market project (forklift demo’s SHEL and HyLift Demo) .


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