UPS Systems was founded in 1993 by CEO Tom Sperrey when he identified that core business systems were becoming increasingly reliant on IT availability. Many were facing problems because of poorly managed power within their IT departments.

As a result the company has grown to become one of the UK’s leading system integrators and operators of standby
power products; specialising in the design, supply, commissioning, maintenance/repair and installation of small,
medium and large systems, incorporating UPS, Generators, Fuel Cells and ancillary systems such as air conditioning.
Since installing the UK’s first Mission?Critical AC Fuel Cell system in 2005, the company has now sold in excess of 100 fuel cell systems, collaborated in several TSB projects; both bid and won; worked closely with many universities and regularly presented on the subject of Fuel Cell Installations at conferences, exhibitions and other events.

CEO, Tom Sperrey: Tom founded UPS Systems in 1993 to provide standby power solutions to the rapidly expanding IT sector. He followed the progress of Fuel Cells from an early date as a complementary technology to the business and in 2005 purchased and installed a PEM system in the company’s offices. Since then, Tom has been actively promoting Fuel Cells for commercial applications.

CTO, Tom Chicken BSc: Tom graduated with a Computer Science degree, and entered the Fuel Cell sector initially to develop control software for Fuel Cell Systems. From there he gained knowledge in the whole system and has since been responsible for the designs of numerous fuel cell projects ranging from small DMFCs to large MW systems.

Project Manager, James Pryer: James has many years project management experience in the IT sector. Since working at UPS Systems, he has been responsible running key Fuel Cells projects. James has a solid understanding of fuel cell systems that enables him to run the project smoothly and on time.

Associate Director: Amanda Lyne BSc, MCIM: Amanda is commercial manager experienced in all aspects of business management and technology commercialisation including business planning, business start?ups, early stage funding, culture change, marketing, sales, logistics and exports. Her career history includes 12 years blue chip commercial  management, 4 years business development in intellectual property based start up companies, various rounds of private funding and AIM flotation. In recent years Amanda co?founded with Dr Andy Creath Acal Energy Ltd the chemistry based fuel cell company which has secured multiple investment funds.


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