Workshop: How LCA Reports Can Contribute To Better Business Planning

Brussels –11:30 – 13:00 Monday 10 November 2014 (times to be confirmed; this workshop will run in parallel with the FCH JU programme review).

Life Cycle Analysis reports are a mandatory component of most projects funded by the FCH JU. These professionally-produced studies constitute a valuable resource for our industry, but too often they are not fully exploited.

The Paul Scherrer Institut of Switzerland invites you to a workshop that will explain the basic concepts underpinning LCA. Using project ALKAMMONIA as a case study, PSI will show how LCA reports can be utilised to achieve more realistic business planning and improve the quality of information you provide to end-users.

For further details please contact the European Hydrogen Association:

Telephone: +39-0277790315

Mobile: +39-3927805506

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  1. Klaus Taube on January 1, 1970 wrote:

    WHERE will the event take place???

  2. pauchet on January 1, 1970 wrote:

    I will try to participate but will most probably arrive too late